On DEx

If you are interested in learning more about DEx, I wrote a short blog post for the Centre of Early Modern Studies (CEMS) at Oxford, that you can find here: Beatrice Montedoro on working with DEx




To blog or not to blog?


To blog or not to blog? What is the purpose of having a blog? As a doctoral researcher at the University of Oxford, I know all too well that the best things come out of collaboration, exchange and mutual support. We all need a friendly shoulder to lean on from time to time, even (and especially) in academia. The purpose of this blog, then, could be to expand the circle of academic (or non-academic) friends who will be generous enough to take the time to read my posts and start a virtual discussion with me.

My first question for you is this: what are the benefits of running a personal blog? And what is, in your opinion, the best way of running one?

In these pages I aim to share my research and give monthly updates following the process of writing a PhD thesis. I am also going to use this space to post about conferences and other interesting events I attend, but also to air some ideas for new projects and start a discussion with the broader public. I also aim to collect here all my online publications and give updates on the digital project I am involved in with Prof Laura Estill (Texas A&M) called DEx: A Database of Dramatic Extracts.

I also sometimes post on twitter and I have just started an outreach blog on Medium called “The Commonplace Book”, for which I hope to post monthly curious facts about my research on dramatic extracts in seventeenth-century manuscript and printed commonplace books.